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we are no longer taking reservations on sundays for restaurant.

sorry for the inconvenience.

Beginning October 1, 2022 

The New Breakfast Hours Will Be

8.00am To 11.00am

7Days a Week.

Rips is known for its ties to the local community for the past 60 years. Restaurant, Wine and Spirits Store, Deli and Motel all come together to give each customer a taste of what family means. Bowie lies close to Annapolis, Baltimore, and Washington D.C. so our facility offers people a central meeting place with a friendly atmosphere.


We pride ourselves on fresh and home-made food. Everything is cooked from scratch. We offer comfort with a kick- those homemade favorites that have just a little something more. We also offer an array of steaks and seafood dishes that entice the palate. Our food is meant to be enjoyed and we thoroughly hope you do. The uniqueness of our facility doesn't end with smiling faces and home-cooked food.



The Bar

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